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Dr. Jassin Jouria, MD

Dr. Jassin Jouria is a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician who specializes in resuscitation of critical patients. The majority of his clinical work is at the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in Greensburg, Indiana. With his background in General Surgery, Trauma Surgery clinical research, and disaster medicine, Dr. Jouria is extremely familiar with emergency and critical care. His interests include Pre-Hospital Medicine, Disaster Medicine, State and Federal disaster response and preparation, as well as international disaster aid. Dr. Jouria has developed Continuing Education curricula for Critical Care, Pre-Hospital/EMS quality control, Post-Surgical care, and improving overall patient outcome. Dr. Jouria has collaborated with multiple medical specialties in researching multiple innovative medical devices. Dr. Jouria has served as a test prep tutor and instructor for Kaplan. He has developed several medical courses and curricula for a variety of educational institutions. Dr. Jouria has also served on multiple levels in the academic field including faculty member and Department Chair. Dr. Jouria continues to serve as a Subject Matter Expert for several continuing education organizations covering multiple basic medical sciences. Dr. Jouria has published an academic textbook on Anatomy & Physiology.

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