Brain Injury Headache

When a Headache is More than a Headache: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Written By: Dr. Jacqueline Peacher Newel Michelle exited her 15th patient’s exam room into the corridor, heading towards the water  cooler at the nurse’s station. She was exhausted from hosting her stepparents for the week,  soccer season had just started for the twins, and her patient load felt heavier every day. As she  gulped some […]
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Violence or assault injuries at workplace

Violence or Assault Injuries at Workplace

Written By: Dr. Jassin Jouria A 29-year-old male is brought to the Emergency Room after being attacked while at work. The patient states a customer became upset with the store’s “No Return/Refund Policy” and proceeded to attack him without warning. The patient said the customer grabbed him and threw him to the floor, then got […]
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Chemical spill injuries in workplace

Chemical Spill Injuries in Workplace

Written By: Dr. Jassin Jouria Several employees from a local glass etching company present to the Emergency Room complaining about progressive shortness of breath and a cough that started earlier this afternoon. All of the employees are young and otherwise healthy without any known medical problems. They each complain of difficulty breathing, worse with exertion, […]
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Workplace injuries- equipment malfunction

Workplace Injuries- Equipment Malfunction

Written By: Dr. Jassin Jouria A 37-year-old male is brought to the Emergency Room after a table saw blade malfunctioned and flew off its spindle embedding into his upper arm. He complains of sharp pain at the wound, and numbness and tingling down the rest of the arm. The Emergency Room physician quickly assesses and […]
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Laceration injuries at the workplace

Laceration Injuries at the Workplace

Written By: Dr. Jassin Jouria A 23-year-old female is brought to the Emergency Room after accidentally cutting her fingers with a box cutter while opening a box at work. She states that she asked her employer for a sharper razor since she has been having to put a lot more force into cutting open the […]
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Blunt trauma at the workplace

Blunt Trauma at the Workplace

Written By: Dr. Jassin Jouria A 17-year-old female presents to the Emergency Room after getting hit by a golf cart while working at her summer job at the Community Country Club. She describes walking across the green to check on some guests when she heard some shouting. She could not get out of the way […]
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